Action Strength
Adam Brady
Action Strength
Warrior of Light
Training for strength and flexibility is a must. You must use it to support your techniques. Techniques alone are no good if you don't support them with strength and flexibility.
- Bruce Lee

Every person can become two to three times stronger and heavy kettlebells are one of the most powerful means to make a man stronger.
- Ivan Lebedev
Russian Strongman
What is Action Strength? Action Strength quite simply is The Art and Science of Functional Fitness and Attribute Development. A unique physical and mental training program, Action Strength is unlike any other conditioning program you will experience. These are the same conditioning methods used by Elite Soldiers, Professional Athletes, and Martial Arts Masters.

Action Strength is a complete portable functional fitness training system that combines Kettlebells, Ancient Indian Exercises (Body Weight & Mace), with Qi-Gong and Tai-Chi secrets to create what can only be known as the Super Athlete!
Discover how this super simple hand-held gym, guarantees faster fat loss, rapid muscle gain, higher performance and dramatic power. With this elite military system of conditioning you will learn the most affective Russian kettlebell training methods and exercises; the same ones used by Russian and American elite forces.
KETTLEBELLS - Russian Special Forces Secret
MALA VIDYEA - Ancient Indian Physical Conditioning
Learn the Ancient Indian physical conditioning system of body weight, isometrics, muscle control, and Gada (Indian Mace) exercises used by Bruce Lee and the God of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Rickson Gracie to develop unimaginable physical attributes of strength, power, flexibility, and endurance.
Tai Chi and Indian Breath Control - Relax your Mind
Relax the mind, sharpen your focus, and develop your spirit with the ancient self healing and mental cultivation arts of Qi Gong, Tai-Chi, and Indian yogic breath control known as Pranayama.
CARENZA - Flawless Body Mechanics
Physical attributes are then expressed through Carenza. Carenza is a Filipino Martial Arts training method that uses free form patterns with a stick, knife, or some other apparatus, used specifically to bring out your natural animal-like body mechanics. Each weapon brings out a unique movement characteristic. You will learn secret patterns that were designed to create the ultimate movement, flow and body mechanics in a martial artist, fighter or athlete. These patterns reprogram your fast twitch muscle fibers, coordination, and neuromuscular responses to naturally free flowing movement of the human body.
Now you may be thinking, "This sounds way too intense for me…" But it isn't. The beauty of Action Strength training is that you start from where you are. Whether you're just beginning, recovering from an injury, have been training for some time, or are an elite athlete, Action Strength allows you to train at the level that is appropriate for you. As your strength increases, you'll be introduced to new exercises and training sequences that will allow you to unlock your potential and master your body, mind, and spirit.

Regardless of your age, physical condition, or sport you participate in, Action Strength can help make you stronger, healthier, more powerful, and able to perform better in the activities that matter to you!
Benefits of Action Strength Training:
> Accelerates the development of all-purpose strength-to easily handle the toughest and most unexpected demands

> Boosts your physical resilience-to repel the hardest hits

> Builds your staying power-because the last round decides all

> Ensures the correct blend of strength with flexibility-because strength that fails to perform is impotent

> Hacks your fat off-without the dishonor of dieting and aerobics

> Forges a fighter's physique-so form matches function

> Gives you independence-world's #1 portable gym makes you as strong as you want anywhere, anytime

> An integrated, total body workout that recruits the maximum amount of muscle in a short amount of time
Action Strength is a system of numbers and repetitions. In just as few as 20 minutes a day, 4 times a week, you can be on your way to building a body that is powerful, lean and flexible, and a mind that is focused, sharp, and calm. By regularly moving toward your goals of greater repetitions, your body will naturally adapt to the increased demand and grow stronger and more powerful. Few things compare to the unique sensation of exceeding your previous milestones and watching your physique reflect those changes.

Contact us for details on setting up a training plan to meet your needs!
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