Warrior of Light
Adam Brady
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Warrior of Light
Warrior of Light by Adam Brady is the story of one man's struggle to battle his inner demons and release his potential through a new vision of the martial arts. A study of the evolution of martial arts, Warrior of Light also explores the power of meditation and the true meaning of enlightenment.

How can the violence in the world be healed? Author Adam Brady, a student of both Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do and the Ninja Tiajutsu martial art of To Shin Do, has an answer in his provocative novel, Warrior of Light.

After the death of his best friend in a martial arts tournament, Kaladin Lux begins to question the way he has been taught to fight. Rather than follow blind tradition, he sets out on a journey to reinterpret martial arts for himself. As he travels through the wilderness, he meets an astounding new kind of martial arts master, who opens him up to possibilities he never imagined. But along with this new enlightenment comes a terrible danger. Kaladin's Dark Shadow Self, the other side of his personality, emerges and threatens to take over. Can Kaladin emerge triumphant?

Emulating the ideal that true understanding and awareness in a spiritually-evolved martial artist has the ability to transform the world, this story shares a unique and profound message of epic proportions. Deeply moving, Warrior of Light is a martial arts fantasy fiction with a powerful and universal message of strength, spirituality, and resilience. As entertaining as it is educational, Warrior of Light is truly an illuminating read.

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In the city of Thelius in the land of Arkana, there have been many battles and many warriors - but only one Warrior of Light.
Praise for Warrior of Light

"Warrior of Light is a transformational journey! Adam Brady's vivid story-telling transports us to a profound place of healing, awareness, and deeper insight."

Author of Secrets of Meditation

"Warrior of Light is a must read. This glorious tale of Martial Arts, Adventure and Self -Discovery is an instant classic! With over 30 years as a martial artist, Adam Brady brings to life ancient martial arts philosophy and shares the Warrior's Way through a brilliantly written story that inspires as much as it entertains. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to look inside and find their own inner 'Warrior of Light'".

Sifu Harinder Singh Sabharwal
Founder of JKDAA and Action Strength

"Adam Brady has done a masterful job of outlining Bruce Lee's philosophy of Jeet Kune Do. Many of Lee's most famous quotes are subtly referenced within Warrior of Light. The importance of a strong foundation, the quality and not quantity of training, being adaptable to change, staying in the present moment with an uncluttered mind, being able to avoid conflict when possible, and not setting limits were all realized as the main character 'discovered the cause of his own ignorance' during his journey. Brady has skillfully interspersed Lee's pearls of wisdom that most certainly can apply to the reader's life, martial artist or not."

Dr. Kirk D. Weicht
Head Instructor, Dallas-Fort Worth Jeet Kune Do Academy

"Inspiring! Relatable! Moving! Warrior of Light is a powerfully poignant metaphor for our soul's quest for finding our inner truth. This brilliantly articulated story illustrates the journey of a tenacious young man who was willing to risk losing it all in order to break through and go beyond the limitations of his mind and what society deems 'the norm' in order to truly find himself. This is my story, this is your story, and this is the story of anyone who is waking up as a conscious being. A must-read for anyone daring to embark on their own journey to greater self-awareness and higher ways of thinking, being and doing."

Tris Thorp
Vedic Master Educator and Internationally Recognized Leader in the field of
Emotional Integration

"Adam Brady is an expert in meditation, higher consciousness, and inner transformation. His wisdom is evident in this book as he guides readers to a new plateau of transcendence to achieve their true potential using martial arts as the backdrop. Get ready to be inspired as you embark on a journey of self-awareness."

Amanda Ringnalda
VP of Client Services & Operations at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing and
Vedic Master Educator

"As a martial artist, as someone who has followed one of the world's traditions of enlightenment, but more importantly as someone who has done both as a way of dealing with loss, I was impacted by Adam Brady's Warrior of Light. Kaladin's journey was my own, and that, more than the well-scripted fight scenes was what kept me moving through this novel. Adam Brady has captured something about both the martial arts and Zen that many try to express, but ultimately fail to do."

JB Jaeger
Dharma Teacher

"Adam Brady captures the true spirit of the Warrior in his epic story, Warrior of Light. Adam does an incredible job vividly choreographing martial arts techniques and scenes, and relating them to deeper spiritual practices. He integrates the fine martial arts with the practices of meditation and present moment awareness in a way that makes it easy for the reader to grasp. While the principles contained in this book apply to martial arts, the implications are far reaching and can be extrapolated into our everyday challenges. This story can serve as a powerful reminder to everyone that we must all be spiritual warriors and live our lives from that perspective. Adam Brady is a talented, insightful, gifted, courageous author and spiritual warrior. This book is a definite must read and may take a few readings to fully absorb all the concentrated messages within. I can't say enough about it! Phenomenal book!"

Sujata B. Patel
Owner, Wellness with Sujata
Certified Meditation and Yoga Instructor

"Adam Brady's first novel is an inspiring tale of true warrior wisdom. With elegance and grace he takes you, the reader, on a hero's journey that leaves you excited to move toward your own spiritual path and to stay to true to your heart just as Kaladin does. This is a heartwarming and welcome read for anyone searching to break down their own limitations, to move past their own perceptions of what is possible, and to courageously create a world of their choosing. And a must read for martial artists!"

Laura Giancarlo
Veteran Educator
Teen Leadership Facilitator
Martial Arts Practitioner and Instructor

"I was honored to meet Adam and I am even more honored to recommend you read Warrior of Light. A truly wonderful story."

Dr. Rodney Dunetz, AP
Certified Meditation and Yoga Instructor

"A beautifully written narrative of the warrior Kaladin, who after a deep personal loss is on a quest for self-discovery and a new way of life. Though based on a character proficient in the martial arts, this is a story that touches us all. Adam Brady is an exceptional master and teacher, and his book will bring something to everyone who reads it. Highly recommended."

Marisa Bourtin
Chopra Center Vedic Master

"Very well written, worth reading over & over! I'm excited for this new author, and can't wait to see what he writes for us next.

Dana Brady

"How does one learn a language and its inseparable culture when one is permitted solely to recite its alphabet? –

A, B, C, D, E, F, G…
A, B, C, D, E, F, G…
A, B, C, D, E, F, G…
A, B, C, D, E, F, Gee, I don't care any longer…

How may one build a house if permitted only the use of one layer of crumbling bricks? How will a tropical garden flourish in rocky soil? It will not.

This is the type of question asked and answered by Mr. Adam Brady in his fantasy fiction novel Warrior of Light. The protagonist hero Kaladin tired of practicing only a limited set of marital arts movements without relevant meaning, application, and greater purpose, as did the renowned Jeet Kune Do leader Bruce Lee. The experience is like chanting scriptural liturgy in Latin when one does not know the language and does not see any results from it. It is like speaking into an empty closet, expecting some one to answer and not receiving even an echo in reply.

Like his real life counterpart Lee – and others - Kaladin leaves his home and martial arts community in order to continue pursuing the truth of martial arts practice on his own, unrestricted. He finds a deep well of inquiry within his own essence and follows it on a pathway toward enlightening and continued iterations of truth to be passed on along life's infinite, repeating string of pearls. The vessel changes, but the basis of truth does not.

In each messenger, the next recipient can sense the generations of envoys that preceded the current herald to this point in the continuum of all that is and all that is not. Many times is and is not are the same.

My instructor long ago lifted a new, unsharpened pencil to his students' eyes and intoned that martial arts is like this pencil:

"I will give you the eraser part, and you must find the remainder of it."

A very few of us Kaladins did so. Most quit altogether, never grasping the concept that martial arts and life were neither a sometimes hobby. Kaladin is in the minority that understand this lesson, having never been given it by outside resources. He found that proverb within himself. So it is all with life - We are taught only so much and must use initiative to find the rest.

Warrior of Light contains many aspects that some readers will recognize, including the family martial arts institution and tradition, the insistence of the Old Guard on control and the limited distribution of truth, Bruce Lee's break with the Old Country masters, the quest for knowledge and fulfillment, the martial arts showdown, mysticism, and even the faint frayed edges of "You killed my brother" are threads in the undercurrents within this novel.

The lesson to be gleaned from Warrior of Light is that we must find the remainder of the pencil and use it to its fullest extent and fullest positive effect, without abusing it. What we learn in the process is that the pencil is infinite in length.

Anyone interested in martial arts, truth, and something better than the B movie karate story will benefit from the saga Warrior of Light.

Rating: ****"

Grandmaster Patty Inglish
MS; 9th Dan Jidokwan Taekwondo, Yudo, Hapkido, Jujutsu, Combat
SelfDefense; US Representative to the Supreme Council or Sports in Africa
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